Distribute Petosan

Petosan is continuously evaluating applications from distributors who wants to carry our innovative, highly profitable pet dental care products.

For 18 years our market leading technology and product suite affords our distributors to increase their penetration into the very lucrative pet dental health care space. Our products will allow a distributor to represent a product line that is praised in: print advertising, opinion articles, in video interviews, veterinary text books, by dog trainers and veterinary specialists and in a vast amount of social media postings.

The well-known fact that Oral disease is the no. 1 health problem in dogs and cats, coupled with the current trends in owners humanising their pets, the Oral care segment of the market is poised to be one of the fastest growing areas in the industry

Explore the impressive growth opportunities of pet dental care with Petosan!

With the endorsements of leading Veterinarians, Pet Dental Specialists, Opinion Leaders and Dog Behaviour Specialists, recommending that pet owners use our products for the maintenance of a pet’s oral health; it is hard to not increase your business revenue when adding Petosan to your distribution list

Contact us for more information at distribution@petosan.com .