Our Story

Petosan® comes from a family with over 200 years of combined oral health innovation & experience.

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Since 1924, the Barman family has established themselves as multi-generational legends in the dental health world. Their origin story starts in Norway with Otto Barman and his wife Solveig - both dentists with big dreams of shaking up the dental industry. Otto was the first to introduce compulsory fluoride rinsing in Norwegian primary schools, improving dental health for generations of young children. Next, in 1977 their son Rolf, made his mark by inventing the double-sided toothbrush. This anatomically efficient dental tool was designed to remove plaque on both sides of the teeth simultaneously. The ingenious device was noticed by toothbrush giant Oral B, who eventually bought Rolf’s invention in 1984.

The Barman family’s third generation is now led by Ole Barman, Rolf’s son, who used his engineering and business skills to pivot his focus on helping our furry family members. Inspired by the deep love for his dog Luna, and a wealth of knowledge from his family, he decided to spearhead Petosan® in 1998— a global pet dental health company with multiple ground-breaking dental tools that have transformed oral health for pets in over 50 countries. Ole also has a deep rooted commitment to education and has created the Petosan Dental University with a mission to teach pet parents about the best oral health practices, including their award winning 3- Step Program for easier pet tooth brushing.