Our Story

Petosan® comes from a family with over 200 years of combined oral health innovation & experience.

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Established in 1924, the Barman family has become a cornerstone in dental health, with contributions spanning three generations. It began in Norway with Otto Barman and his wife Solveig, pioneering dentists who introduced compulsory fluoride rinsing to Norwegian primary schools—a move that significantly improved children’s dental health.

Their son Rolf Barman continued the legacy by inventing the double-sided toothbrush in 1977, a revolutionary design that allowed for simultaneous cleaning of both sides of the teeth.

Today, the third generation has expanded the family’s impact to the pet care industry. In 1998, Ole Barman founded Petosan®, a company dedicated to advancing dental health for pets globally. Ole’s vision also led to the creation of the Petosan Dental University, aimed at educating pet owners on optimal dental practices through their acclaimed 4-Step Program.