Never Struggle With Brushing Your Dog's Teeth Again!

Easier Brushing with our 4-STEP SYSTEM

Brush your dog’s teeth with ease! Petosan® has a fast and easy 4-Step System that will give you all the top toothbrushing techniques you need to create a positive experience for you and your dog.

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Why Brush Your Dog's Teeth?

A healthier, happier dog

Intact sense of smell

A more focused dog

Better nutrition and absorption

Reduced behavioral problems

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What Customers Are Saying

“My dog Reggie used to hate getting his teeth brushed, but the Petosan 3-step program made brushing easy and now he doesn’t mind his daily teeth brushing! I’m already starting to notice a difference in his oral health.”

- Beverly M.

“Petosan’s products have really helped to give my dog the freshest breath, and she loves the taste of the Petosan toothpaste!”

- William S.

“Cooper loves getting his teeth brushed and I love that I don’t have to pay for expensive dental surgeries! Petosan is worth the price!”

- Carol P.

“Petosan makes brushing my dog’s teeth super easy and I know it’s working because my vet has told me she’s seen an improvement in Rosco’s oral health.”

- Stanley G.

“After hearing about how many dogs get periodontal disease, I wanted to do everything I could to prevent that from happening to my dog Zoey. That’s when I stumbled upon Petosan and its
amazing 3-step program. Since using Petosan, Zoey’s vet keeps saying how healthy her teeth and gums are. We are definitely going to keep using Petosan!”

- Katie J.