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Pet dental health: why should you be concerned

Why should you be concerned with pet dental health?

Many pet owners are under the false assumption that getting their pets’ teeth cleaned regularly at the vet is enough to keep their pets healthy. If you went to your dentist twice a year but didn’t clean your teeth in between visits you could reasonably assume that you would encounter oral health issues and eventually, those issues would spread to your body. The same is true for your beloved pet.

By age 3, 80% of dogs have some degree of periodontal disease. Unchecked periodontal disease can have serious health effects for both you and your pet. The bacteria in your pet’s mouth can be released into the circulatory system and travel throughout the body. This can cause damage to cardiac tissue and lead to endocarditis—a life-threatening inflammation of the inner lining of the heart’s chamber and valves. Bacteria in the plaque can also spread to the kidneys and liver. This spread of bacteria, called bacteremia, can permanently damage your pet’s organs, with potentially tragic consequences. Good oral health can help prevent bacteremia and the organ damage that follows in its wake.

So, you recognize that proper oral care is a must in caring for your pet, but the sheer number of questionable solutions to the problem can be overwhelming. And let’s be honest here, some are worse than questionable.

Your pet’s teeth may look bright white and shiny on the parts you can see, but its actually under the gumline where bacteria lurks. Water additives and chew treats are of little help in removing plaque under the gumline and the only thing proven to work for your pet dental health is regular brushing. An innovative brush and paste by Petosan hold a lot of promise in this area.

Petosan´s veterinary-based knowledge of dental hygiene has produced the patented, double-headed toothbrush for dogs. Petosan Silentpower is the first double-headed sonic toothbrush for dogs and along with the Petosan Oral Cleaner microfiber toothbrush, both offer your pet some new strategies for their health.

The Petosan toothbrushes effectively simplify brushing your pet´s teeth and help improve overall oral health.

Their battery-powered, double-headed, sonic toothbrush leads the marketplace for ingenious technology in pet dental care. The brush boasts 20,000 bristle movements per minute and is extremely effective at removing plaque. The Silentpower brush comes with two brush heads; one in size small/medium and the other comes in a large size.

The Petosan microfiber brush is an antimicrobial, chemical-free, self-cleaning microfiber finger cloth which helps remove plaque and bacteria in the mouth. Called, the Oral Cleaner, it ensures easy cleaning of teeth and mouth and is part of an ideal approach to regular toothbrushing.

When beginning the Petosan regimen, it’s recommended to use the Oral Cleaner daily for 10 days and then move on to the Petosan double-headed toothbrush.

The double-headed toothbrush comes in a non-sonic model, as well. Like the sonic Silentpower brush, it has two brush heads that hug teeth, cleaning the front and the back of the teeth at the same time. This simplifies brushing your pet´s teeth, shortens the process and helps create good oral health.

Petosan offers the double-headed toothbrush in four sizes, according to the size of your dog:

  • Large dogs who weigh16+ kgs
  • Medium-sized dogs between 7 and 15 kgs
  • Small dogs from 3-6 kgs
  • Toy dogs up to 3 kgs

And, of course, toothbrushing would be less effective without the right toothpaste. Petosan’s toothpaste is designed for every day brushing and it’s formulated to be a tasty treat for your dog. Whatever it takes to make the brushing experience positive for both you and your dog helps create healthy habits!

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